Wood Factory Digital Transformation

The company is an industrial carpentry. It produces stairs, door frames, doors and other customized wood products from wooden panels for installation on site in a construction site.

The SME operates a factory with approximately 10 people in staff, with a number of legacy machines and some more recent equipment. The factory has been in operations for over 2 decades.

By installing FactorySense in the production and dashboarding to management, the company has realized an operational efficiency gain allowing it to further optimize their operations and improve on throughput, quality, speed and provide transparency over the process itself allowing more job satisfaction from the operators.

The optimization of the operation allows the company to increase its sales and turnover, as it has gained capacity. It is also capable of better determining the cost of production, thanks to improved insight in the production process and time spent at specific steps in the process. The margins can be better kept under control, as also the production itself can be better controlled. Customers have also more means to intervene before and during the production process.