Use cases

FactorySense has been applied in over 100 different use cases in the industry. We are listing here just a few, as examples, but changes could happen in particular business context, to a specific environment or situation.

  1. Production
    1. Digitalising the production process
    2. Process improvements
    3. Efficiency improvements
    4. OEEE
    5. Waste Reduction
    6. Reduction of Labour Intensity
    7. Lot Size One
    8. Customization
  2. Maintenance
    1. Condition Based Maintenance
    2. Operational Maintenance
    3. Just in time
  3. Management
    1. Situational Awareness
    2. Just In Time
    3. Agile Production
  4. Sales & Marketing
    1. Production Transparency
  5. Cost Reduction
    1. Stock
    2. Maintenance
    3. Energy
    4. Burnout – Boredom reduction
    5. Degrading materials
  6. HR
    1. Collaborative Process Optimization
    2. Coaching
    3. Job optimization
    4. Boredom
  7. Energy Optimization
    1. Idle time detection
    2. External shutdown
    3. Energy reduction
  8. Logistics
    1. Localization of rolling material
    2. Process Flow
    3. Supply Chain Management
    4. Fullfillment support
  9. Security & Safety
    1. People oversight
    2. Presence & Activation
    3. Identity Management
    4. Acess Control
    5. Multifactor Monitoring
    6. Decison Support

Every of the following use cases has been implemented within customer premises and has expanded, deepened and impacting operations.

  1. SME in Wood Processing : Transforming Industrial Carpentry factory, by digitising the production flow composed out of analog interactions
  2. SME in Aluminium Frame Production : Operational Efficiency gains by monitoring of Electric Power Use
  3. SME in Flooring : New add-on sensors providing valuable insights in potential machine breakdown
  4. SME in Chemical Process : Avoiding factory stop through unexpected critical machine breakdown
  5. SME in Food Production Process : reducing cost of underutilized assets in inventory

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The FactorySense project started from the industry needs to visualise their own process from another perspective – to use the enormous amount of existing process data, near new ones, to have a high-level process overview.

And the most important need it was to find ways to increase, correct and sustain the production efficiency.

The FactorySense approach is to monitor different main process variables, to integrate and calculate specific indicators, making easier to establish strategic goals.

Out of this, on the FactorySense application we will build specific raw and synthetic variables dashboards.

The system will provide a first data process analyse, with the variable’s influence in the analysed process.

Then, the system will show few scenarios if applied the proposed optimisation change.

In this way we can immediately see the real impact in following the proposed optimisation intervention, through the same dashboarding system – each and any modification will produce an effect – direct monitored and shown on dashboards.

Using FactorySense approach, we will integrate new specific sensors in the customer process, connected to the platform from the beginning.

But in the same time, we can capture and connect also existing sensors and even lab analyses or other important offline data, to have the correct influence analyse and to produce efficient optimisation proposals.

Using this approach, we analyse already different business and process, in different industries and verticals:

– in chemical plants, we analyse chemical process efficiency, with a realistic immediate impact.

– in discrete manufacturing, we monitor and analyse time related events for each small step, on manufacturing, logistic, assembly phases, also with relevant visualisation of the fabrication process, and with efficient optimisation propositions.