Author: Daniel Bora

2020-10-20 : ConnectedFactories Webinar

ConnectedFactories Webinar – Standards for digital manufacturing Continuing the teamwork with partners from NL, DE, UK, AT, GR, CZ, HR, FI, IE, … We invite you all to attends this webinar organised by ConnectedFactories: Register The webinar on Standards for digital manufacturing is organised in association with the ConnectedFactories Coordination and Support Action on Tuesday 20 October 2020 from […]

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Announcing and webinars

The webinars have been conceived to work towards our annual conference, normally taking place June 10th, but due to the current new normal, supporting our community with additional webinars. Please register here to participate to one or multiple of the planned webinars : May 27th 2020, Wednesday, 9AM CET : Session 1 :  Best Practices from […]

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