About us

FactorySense is a joint venture of three expert organizations in Digital Transformation for Production companies, manufacturing and related – offering a complete packaged solution for Small and Medium Sized companies to go Industry 4.0.

Including detachable and versatile IIoT sensors, a digital business dashboard and data analytics integrated into your environment, with the necessary advisory and installation support at a monthly cost of 699€ per month, FactorySense is joining the best of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sensors in combination with a business intelligence platform to fast forward enabling of Industry 4.0 on the basis of big data and analytics in a cost sensitive way.

FactorySense is a solution including hardware, software and services that aims to enable Small and Medium Sized Factories with a package of best practices, technologies and  tools, to improve their day to day operational business activities, by electronically providing insights on and over the production floor, on the business processes and overall operations as a means to further improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

By integrating Versasense (BE) IoT sensor kits  (https://www.versasense.com/) to the Factorythings – Optimistik (FR) (http://www.optimistik.fr/) platform, the FactorySense solution further lowers the barriers and facilitates the management of the industrial production and provide a business interface over the industrial processes in order to better manage production and related activities.

It aims to demonstrate the possibilities to enhance the productivity, profitability and innovation capacities of production companies, by providing an integrated platform with the sensors and the platform that will serve the use case for condition based maintenance and validating it in a series of manufacturing companies.

The FactorySense platform digitally connects selected parts of the production shop floor and administrative support system of Small sized Manufacturing companies by means of a Digital Platform and Industrial IoT Sensors. It provides a digital management dashboard that presents Key Performance Indicators and other indicators supporting business decisions and operational activities. It provides a template-model Small Digital Factory using a generic Digital Transformation Plan (DTP) – Industry 4.0 Map (I40 Map) for small manufacturing companies on the basis of existing use cases. FactorySense provides in a Digital Business Dashboard, defining key business drivers to create situational awareness, allow for specific insights (eg condition-based maintenance) and support in decision making. From this platform and key insights, business decisions can be made to provide further insights, or to optimize processes and activities allowing for a more efficient production program.

FactorySense has been demonstrated and validated in a Wood processing company in Belgium and has been further validated in afterwards with other customers. In order to support small and medium sized manufacturing companies willing to experiment, eager to digitize and ready to be innovation driver, FactorySense can be further validated with production companies as a field lab.

They will be leading the way to the thousands of European small and medium sized factories coping with the challenge to transform to Industry 4.0 and coping with the lack of technological expertise on the selection of IoT technologies and limited experience in management of platforms.